Logogriph brings together knowledge, understanding, design and programming skill to deliver websites with impact

The focus is results. If a site looks great but does not do what it is supposed to then it has failed. Logogriph starts by thinking about what questions visitors will have, then builds your site to answer their questions and direct them to the "call to actions" that the site mandates. A site needs to: 

Explain – Always assume a site has about three seconds to explain to the visitor what it is for. This is partly given by the style of the site but also on things like the tag line and the imagery used.

Educate – If the visitor has not hit the back key you then have an opportunity to educate the visitor as the benefits of your offer or cause or whatever the site is about.

Sell – Even if you are not running an online store, you site should still be asking the visitor to do something, and once the site has educated the visitor it should give them some action to follow. 

Any Site Development needs to consider:

Mobile/Responsive – The web is going mobile and sites increasingly need to function well on a variety of different size devices. Responsive sites adapt the layout and size of elements depending on the device being used. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – When creating the site structure, titles, headings, menus and other content, search engines should always be considered to ensure you get the most from search traffic.

Social Media – It is often hard for social media to live up to the hype in many situations. But when it works, it really works well. Different social media sites work in different situations. Social media will never work unless someone behind the site is putting effort in. Do not expect just adding a facebook "Like" button to work miracles. 

Navigation/Don’t Make Them Think – Sites must be easy to use and should lead visitors easily to the information they want. Put phone numbers clearly on display. Fill the footer with important details and next step links so that they are on the bottom of every page. Make the home page function as though it were a large detailed illustrated menu. 

Reduce the clutter – Sidebars are a curse as they are full of junk people just ignore so just clutter up the layout. Each page should have a single purpose and put navigation and other things in the header and footer where they are easily to hand but not in the way. 

DIY Updates – Site owners should be able to maintain their own content without requiring technical abilities. Standard CMS (Content Management Systems) should be used to reduce development costs and make ongoing updates easy for site owners.


Toby Lewis has been trading as Logogriph since 1993. In 2005 the focus shifted from business systems to helping clients make the most effective use of the internet for their business development purposes.

Over the years the clients ranged from small companies, such as recruitment agencies, through to large international businesses, such as Aon Group Ltd which is a major Lloyds broker. Many clients over the years were in the advertising business and ranged from individual agencies such as AMV*BBDO through to Emap Media. 

What Logogriph offers is a strong mix of understanding of business, communication, media, design and the technical aspects of a web site to maximise the site or application’s usefulness and quality to you and your users.